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Biloxi Pro Hockey

Date: Dec 02 - Dec 30, 2021

There are currently NO mask or vaccination mandates for concerts at the MS Coast Coliseum. Should an event require such mandates, we will be sure to let you know. Please continue to check our website for specific event updates.

Dear hockey fans,

First, we would like to say thank you for all the support, likes, and shares you have given us over the last few weeks. We are very excited for the events we have coming to the Mississippi Gulf Coast this year. Our goal first and foremost is to bring professional hockey back to the City of Biloxi.

We know the rich and long history that this great sport has here. We are proud to announce that this coming winter the Mississippi Coast Coliseum will be hosting three neutral site minor league games. This is the first step in bringing pro hockey back to Biloxi. For hockey to return we need to support these games with everything we have!

There is plenty more information as to what this means and more that we will talk about at our press conference on July 14th at 3:00PM inside the Arena of Mississippi Coast Coliseum.

We are also happy to announce that tickets for these games will go on sale immediately following the press conference. The press conference is open to the public, so wear all your favorite hockey gear, pack the house, and let’s BRING HOCKEY BACK TO BILOXI!!!

Thank you,

Biloxi Pro Hockey

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