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A to Z Guide

The Mississippi Coast Coliseum is dedicated to providing an exciting and memorable guest experience while ensuring the safety and security of all guests. The following guide provides information and policies for attending any Coliseum or Convention Center event.

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The Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center recognizes the needs of those with disabilities and strives to provide a full range of accommodations for guests with disabilities to ensure their safety, comfort and enjoyment of all our events. Please see our ADA Information page for more information on accessible seating, parking, wheelchair usage, sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, service animals, restrooms, elevators and more.


The Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center is located at 2350 Beach Boulevard, Biloxi, MS 39531.


There are a number of exclusive partnerships that are uniquely crafted to meet the goals, budgets and expectations of your company. Please see our Sponsorships page for more information. Pamphlets and posters advertising companies that are not sponsors of the venue or a venue event will not be permitted unless pre-approved by the Executive Director.


The Arena and Convention Center each have one (1) automated external defibrillator (AED) device. Emergency Medical Technicians on-duty are trained and certified to use this equipment in the event of an emergency.


For most events and shows, children two (2) years of age and younger will be admitted into the Mississippi Coast Coliseum without a ticket provided that they sit on an adult's lap and do not occupy a seat. Any child over the age of two (2) will require a ticket to enter the Arena. Please note that some shows (especially those intended for children and exhibit shows) will have different age policies. If you are uncertain about the policy, please view the page for that event for show-specific policies.


For safety and as a courtesy to other guests, aisles must be clear at all times. Please refrain from standing in the aisles during events, and follow the directions of staff in your area.


State law dictates that no alcohol may be brought into the Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center. Mississippi state law prohibits the sale of alcohol to those under age 21. Guests will be required to show proper identification and proof of age when purchasing alcoholic beverages. We ask you to please drink responsibly, and we encourage the use of a designated driver. Facility management and/or ARAMARK have the right to refuse service at any time, and the right to terminate alcohol sales at any time.


The Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center welcomes service animals. All other animals are prohibited.


Depending on the nature of an event or when considered necessary by facility management and/or the lessee, a Pre-Event Screening may occur. This may involve a visual inspection of small bags and purses and/or "wanding" of our guests by venue security. All guests and/or show personnel may be subject to searches prior to entering the building.


There is an automated teller machine (ATM) located in the Arena's South Lobby next to the Ticket Office and in the Arena's North Lobby. The three ATMs in the Convention Center are located outside Exhibit Hall 1 near the Pelican Cafe, outside Exhibit Hall 3, and in the Central Lobby near the Cafe East concessions. In each ATM location, there are ADA-compliant ATMs.


Guests entering the facility must be properly attired, including shoes and shirt. These items must be worn at all times. The Mississippi Coast Coliseum reserves the right to deny entry to guests wearing clothing items displaying offensive language or text.


Bags and backpacks are not allowed in the venue unless required for medical purposes. Purses and diaper bags are allowed and are subject to inspection by staff or security when entering the venue or at any time while inside the facility.


For Arena events, please check the specific event's policies. Typically, signs larger than 2'x3' or signs that interfere with another guest's ability to view the performance are not allowed. In the Convention Center, easels are available for signage. Decorations, signs or banners may not be fastened to ceilings, painted surfaces, walls or columns.


The Coliseum Box Office is located inside the south entrance of the Arena by the flagpoles. The Box Office can be reached by phone for questions at 228-594-3707. Tickets cannot be purchased from the Coliseum Box Office over the phone. Hours of Operation are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, the Box Office is closed unless there is a ticketed event in the Arena or if tickets are going on sale to the public.

Under these circumstances, the Box Office will open at 10:00 a.m. If an event is held on a Sunday (exclusive of hockey), then the Box Office will open the Saturday prior at 10:00 a.m. and will remain open based on demand, but no later than 2:00 p.m. Methods of payment accepted are cash, Visa and MasterCard. Checks are not accepted. When purchasing with a credit card, you must show a valid photo ID.

Tickets are also available on the Internet at Ticketmaster.com and by phone at 800-745-3000. Tickets for Arena events are fully refundable within 72 hours after purchase until one week before the event.


The permitted use of cameras varies by event. Please check the event page for specific policies on each event. Typically, "point-and-shoot" cameras are permitted in the Arena. Professional cameras and/or cameras with exchangeable lenses are prohibited unless accompanied by appropriate media credentials. Video cameras are not allowed and will be confiscated if brought into the Arena unless specifically approved.


All catering needs are provided by Levy Convention Centers unless approved by venue management. Please discuss catering needs with your event coordinator.


The use of cell phones is permitted provided they do not interfere with other guests' enjoyment of the event. Video recording is not permitted. For security reasons, cameras used for video recording may be confiscated and brought to the Administration Office, where they can be picked up at the conclusion of an event.


In most cases, the Mississippi Coast Coliseum is not the promoter of the shows and events. Therefore, we do not have the authority to donate tickets. Any requests for tickets for charitable organizations must be made on company letterhead with tax ID number and emailed to ksimpson@mscoastcoliseum.com no later than seven (7) days prior to the event. We will happily forward the request to the promoter of the show.
Click here to submit ticket requests for silent auctions or fundraising needs.


See Age Guidelines above.


See Guest Conduct below.


Concessions are provided by Levy Convention Centers. They offer a full range of menu choices, from traditional hot dogs and nachos to palette-pleasing gourmet pizzas and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. Local favorites such as red beans and rice and gumbo are offered occasionally as well. There are numerous concession stands and portable stands operated throughout the Arena. Beer and liquor stands are also available.

The number of concession stands and the availability of alcohol are determined by the needs of each event and are subject to change. Food offerings may differ among concession stands. In the Convention Center, the Pelican Cafe is located in the West Lobby, and Cafe East is located in the Central Lobby. Hours and availability are subject to change. Visa and MasterCard are accepted at select concession stands.


Members of our VIP Club, and our followers on Facebook and Twitter regularly enjoy contests or sweepstakes for free tickets to upcoming shows held at the venue. They are also the first to know about discounts, pre-sales and on-sale tickets.
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Maximize your advertising dollar! For all advertising/sponsorship inquiries, contact Matt McDonnell at mcd@mscoastcoliseum.com or 228-594-3711. Please see our Sponsorship page for more information.


Visa and MasterCard are accepted in the Box Office and at select concession stands with valid ID.


There is a diaper changing station in the family restroom located on the south side of the Arena, as well as in numerous restrooms in the Convention Center.


At the promoter's discretion, discounts may be offered for our VIP members, groups, students or military. Some promoters will offer special "Family Four Packs" or other discounts. View the specific event page for details or call our Box Office at 228-594-3707 to inquire about discounts, or visit our Special Offers page for more information.


Fan courtesy is an important element of enjoyment at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center. Improper conduct (including profane or abusive language and the throwing of objects) may result in ejection from the facility. Repeated offenses could result in the loss of ticket privileges.


For most events, doors open one (1) hour prior to showtime. Occasionally, door opening times change. View the specific event page for door opening times and other event-specific information.


The Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center offers convenient drop-off and pick-up areas for guests. For the Arena, this area is located on the south side of the building in front of the flagpoles and on the northwest side of the Arena, just before the Convention Center. Limousines and cars may drop off and pick up in this area. However, vehicles are not permitted to park in this area. The Convention Center allows drop-off and pick-up in front of the main Convention Center entrance. Buses are asked to only drop off on the northwest side of the Arena and the main entrance to the Convention Center.


If duplicate tickets (two or more guests holding tickets to the same seat for the same event) are presented, immediately contact an Event Staff Member to proceed to the Arena Box Office for assistance.


There are two (2) elevators to serve guests. The first is located in the South Lobby of the Arena. The second is in the North Lobby of the area to the west of the entrance doors. The Convention Center is conveniently located on one level.


The Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center is committed to providing the highest standard of safety for our guests and management. In the case of an emergency, please proceed to the nearest exit and out of the building. Mississippi Coast Coliseum management have been trained to assist in emergency situations.


Please see our Job Opportunities page for more information. For food service/concessions, please inquire with Levy Convention Centers. For parking lot and event security and ushers, please inquire with Swetman Security.


The Arena's south entrance is the main entrance for access to the Box Office and Administration Office. During most Arena events, the south and north doors are open for entry. Arena events set up in the theatre configuration will only have the north doors open for entry.


When a concert or event has been cancelled, return the tickets to the place of purchase for a full refund. Contact the Box Office at 228-594-3707 for questions. Customers who purchased tickets through Ticketmaster either online or by phone should call 800-653-8000.


Since most of the events that come to our facility are produced by an outside promoting company or organization, if you are interested in participating as a vendor or exhibitor in an upcoming event or show, please contact the promoting company directly. Kendra Simpson or Pam Diaz can provide you with the promotion company contact information. For vending at the Crawfish Festival or Summer Fair, please call the administration office at 228-594-3700.


EMTs are available during most Arena public events to assist guests with medical needs. Guests in need of minor first aid can visit the Administration Office located in the South Lobby of the Arena. In the case of an emergency, guests are encouraged to first call 911 or notify the nearest MCCC staff member, usher or security personnel, and he or she will radio the EMT for assistance and call 911 for aid.


Food or beverages of any kind (alcoholic included) are not permitted to be brought into the facility, and alcoholic beverages may not be taken out of the facility. Concession stands located throughout the facility sell various types of food, alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages. Water fountains are located throughout the facility. For any specific questions concerning food and beverages, contact Levy Convention Centers at 228-594-3824. Please see Catering, Concessions, or Alcohol Policy above for more information.


Group tickets are available for certain events at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum at the promoter's discretion. Please view the event specific page for information on that events' group or visit our Special Offers page.


This facility is committed to providing an enjoyable experience for our guests. In order to maintain an enjoyable and safe environment, we request that all guests be courteous to those around them and abide by the building's policies and regulations. The following behavior or activities are grounds for eviction from the property:

-Use of laser pointers
-Use of profanity or unacceptable language of any type
-Possession of illegal or unauthorized items inside the Center
-Unacceptable or indecent dress
-Damaging or the intent to damage property of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center
-Failure to obey or follow the facility's smoking policies
-Use of illegal substances or drugs
-Public drunkenness
-Entering or attempting to enter any "off limits" areas such as the stage area, backstage or restrooms of the opposite sex
-Participating in a fight
-Verbally abusing, threatening or intimidating other guests or employees
-Throwing of any objects or projectiles in seating areas, on stage or any other areas
Guests who fail to abide by the facility's policies and state and federal law are subject to ejection from the facility. Any guest violating policy may first be asked to correct their behavior. If they fail to do so in a timely fashion, they will be ejected. Individuals who have been ejected must vacate the property or be subject to arrest on trespassing charges.


Guest Services is located in the Administration Office on the south side of the Arena.


The distribution of promotional items, handbills, flyers, pamphlets and printed materials, as well as the solicitation of signatures, is not permitted on the property without written authorization from facility management.


To enjoy all the beauty and relaxation of the Mississippi coast over an extended stay, please visit the Mississippi Gulf Coast Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau website.


During events, please turn in found items to our Administration Office. All items found are then turned over to our Security Department. Items are held for 30 days. If left unclaimed, they will be disposed of or donated to local charities. If you have lost an item, please contact our Security Department at 228-594-3714 after 4 p.m. Monday through Friday or on weekends. During the business week, you may call 228-594-3700. Please note, the Mississippi Coast Coliseum is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced items.


Lost children will be taken to the Administration Office. Guests looking for their lost child or missing person should report directly to the Administration Office or an event staff member for assistance.


All media inquiries should be directed to the Event Marketing Manager at eventmarketing@mscoastcoliseum.com or 228-594-3738. Please include your name, contact info, what media you are representing, and the purpose of the article/photo. Most events require media to be pre-approved. Please send in your requests at least one to two (1-2) weeks prior.


Walk through metal detectors and handheld wand metal detectors are used for every event at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center.


To inquire about singing National Anthem at any sports event, please contact the promoter of the event.


Exiting and re-entering the building with the same ticket is not permitted. Guests who wish to return a prohibited item to their vehicle or need to exit and re-enter due to personal or medical emergencies must exit out a ticketed entrance. The ticket for the event must be produced and then scanned out or approved for exit.


When high-demand events are placed on sale to the public, a lottery is typically implemented to discourage excessive loitering or overnight camping. If you plan to purchase your tickets at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, you should plan to arrive no more than one hour in advance of the event on-sale time. Overnight camping is not allowed. Everyone on-site to buy tickets is given a numbered lottery slip. Those numbers are called out randomly to determine placement in line. Those people arriving after the numbered slips have been given out will be served last. The lottery system can be implemented at the discretion of the Box Office when there are more than 20 people waiting to buy tickets.


Please see a specific event's page for information on parking fees that may be charged.


A courtesy phone is available in the Administration Office of the arena in the South Lobby.


Tickets for Arena events are fully refundable within 72 hours after purchase up until one week before the event.


Restrooms are located throughout the Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center. A family restroom is located in the South Lobby of the Arena, as well as four in the Convention Center.


Guests may not re-sell tickets at any price on MCCCC property. To avoid problems with counterfeit, stolen, void or other invalid tickets, tickets should only be purchased from an authorized Ticketmaster outlet or from the Arena Box Office.


The facility is patrolled 24/7 by Swetman Security. Most grounds and facility are covered by surveillance cameras.


The Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not allowed inside the facility by any guest or employee. There are designated outdoors smoking areas available during each event, allowing patrons to exit and then re-enter the facility easily.


The Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center offers a full range of marketing opportunities designed to give your company maximum visibility in the market. With this goal in mind, we will tailor a package that meets your marketing and advertising needs. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please view our sponsorship page on the website or contact Matt McDonnell at mcd@mscoastcoliseum.com or 228-594-3711.


Strollers are typically welcome inside the Arena and Convention Center for young children and infants but are subject to search and cannot block an aisle or interfere with another person's ability to enjoy a performance. This standard policy may be changed at the discretion of the promoter.


ADVANCE TICKET SALES: To purchase tickets in advance, visit the Coliseum Box Office, call Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000, go online to www.ticketmaster.com, or visit a Ticketmaster outlet near you. For more information on the Coliseum Box Office, see Box Office above.

DAY-OF-EVENT SALES: Tickets are available for purchase the day of the event at the Coliseum Box Office, which will open at 9 a.m. Monday through Friday or 10 a.m. Saturday through Sunday. Approximately 90 minutes prior to showtime, the Box Office outside booth will open for new purchases and Will Call, and the inside Ticket Office will close.


Umbrellas of a reasonable size are permitted inside the facility but are not to be opened.


The use of movie cameras and video or audio recording equipment is strictly prohibited at most events without prior written consent. The Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center reserves the right to confiscate any tape, film or equipment.


Absolutely NO Weapons are allowed on MCCC property at any time. This includes all fire arms, knives (including pocket knives), and any other weapons.


Wheelchairs are for emergency use ONLY. Individuals are responsible for providing their own transportation as needed for any medical use or disability.


-Wireless Internet Service is available throughout the facility. For information on WiFi for promoter or exhibitors, please speak with the IT Operations Manager at 228-594-3737.


Will Call is available for ticket pick-up at the Box Office window during business hours. A Will Call window located outside the Arena is open approximately 90-120 minutes prior to an event for ticket pick-up. Typically, this is located on the south side of the Arena but is subject to change. The individual picking up the tickets must present his/her picture ID and the credit card used at the time of purchase.


Umbrellas of a reasonable size are permitted inside the facility but are not to be opened.


The use of movie cameras and video or audio recording equipment is strictly prohibited at most events without prior written consent. The Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center reserves the right to confiscate any tape, film or equipment.
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